Repeat stage names are to be expected in today’s porn industry–here’s an instance I recently found: the three performers going by “Jessica Lynn.” The careers of each of these performers overlap, which probably makes for some confusion figuring out who’s who. For instance, Adult DVD Empire, a great site for reference purposes–as well as a place to get your porn–seems like it is conflated the first two Jessicas into the same performer, when they are clearly different. The Internet Adult Film Database–a totally indispensable resource–lists galleries for the second Jessica Lynn on the third’s entry, and so on. Given matters of this importance, it is my pleasure to provide you with the Field Guide to Blonde Porn Stars, Jessica Lynn edition:

First, we have the Jessica Lynn of the 2004-08 (right, above). She was in fewer than ten titles in her four years, mainly in 2007, but left little mark on the web since then it seems.

But before she was done, the second Jessica Lynn started up in 2005. She would continue in front of the camera for a decade and is the best known of these Jessicas, working in about 140-odd titles:

Which brings us to the third of the Jessicas (right in the top-of-the-page headshots). Starting around 2011 she worked in a dozen or so titles, and is now a cam-girl:


There you have it: the briefest of overviews on our three pornified Jessica Lynns over the past dozen years, accounting for a collective 194 titles and two fading twitter accounts.